Replace complaints with compliments with help from Here Comes the Bus®

Recognized as essential back-to-school technology by both Time.com and Fox News, Here Comes the Bus is helping K-12 districts nationwide to:

  • Reduce bus-related phone calls and complaints
  • Increase student safety
  • Improve parent communication
  • Demonstrate a commitment to innovation

How? By allowing parents to:

  • Track the location of their child’s school bus in real time, before and after school
  • Find their child’s school bus quickly & easily using a smartphone, tablet or computer
  • Avoid missed buses and long waits in inclement weather and busy traffic
  • Stay informed with timely push notifications and email alerts

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  • “The number of bus-related calls we receive has been greatly reduced. When we do get a call, our response is always, ‘Have you signed up for Here Comes the Bus?’ It’s been a great tool for our parents as they can track all of their children, even if they don’t ride the same bus.”

    - Mark Anderson, Transportation Director for the Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township (Indiana)

  • “I had a parent leave me a voicemail with the message, and I quote, “I am loving ‘Here Comes the Bus.’ It has been amazing for rainy days like yesterday. I was able to tell my daughter exactly when to leave for the bus so she didn’t have to wait outside. Outstanding choice!” I can’t remember the last time I’ve gotten feedback like that from a parent.”

    - John Payne, Transportation Information Systems Analyst for Newport News Public School (Virginia)

  • Here Comes the Bus has curbed the number of what we refer to as “repeat callers” – those parents who are our most vocal critics and tend to find a reason to call every day about a particular bus.”

    - Scott Denton, Assistant Superintendent for Durham Public Schools (North Carolina)